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Created for Long-Term Care

Designed in collaboration with long-term care providers like you, Beetons Clean is developed specifically for the needs and realities of long-term care.

Ensure compliance
Helps you ensure proper cleaning procedures
Your mission is the health and well-being of your residents. You need the best tools to help you maintain the highest standards of infection control. Get started with ready-to-use cleaning checklist templates, based on health authority guidelines, that you can customize for your home.
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Saves you time and effort
Free yourself from the headache of shuffling paper with automated cleaning assignments and record-keeping. You can effortlessly create cleaning, briefing, and audit reports as needed with convenient built-in reporting tools. You could regain 10 or more hours per month like our current clients — time you'd otherwise spend on paperwork.
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You’re always inspection-ready
Your home is always ready for inspection with real-time record-keeping, even when you're away. The cloud-based cleaning records provide the digital proof you need when meeting with residents’ families or inspectors, and simplify the accreditation process.
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Improve Quality Assurance

Your housekeeping staff time-stamps and validates each cleaning task, guaranteeing that the work was completed. This provides you with an unprecedented level of knowledge and confidence of the cleaning in your home.

Accountability is ensured by the housekeepers signing off on cleaning checklists

In the event of an outbreak or infection, time-stamped data support contact-tracing efforts

Checklists are updated in real-time based on resident health for proper cleaning procedures every time

Housekeeper comments and photos can provide details on specific events that impact cleaning

A Continuous Training Aid

Beetons Clean offers comprehensive cleaning procedures directly on the cart, benefiting both new hires and experienced staff. By providing clear instructions, it eliminates ambiguity around cleaning tasks. New employees can quickly become proficient, while seasoned veterans are provided guides for less common cleaning duties.

Icon-based checklists are clear and simple for all experience levels

Multi-language support ensures accessibility for all users

Visual cues enhance user engagement, helping staff understand tasks and their sequence, which is vital in IPAC

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Reduce Your Administrative Burden

Automated record-keeping will save you hours every month by not printing, distributing, and collecting housekeeping records. Integration with PointClickCare automatically keeps your resident ADT records up to date. And all your cleaning procedures are updated as you go, ensuring that your records are always in compliance.

Eliminate gaps and transcription errors in your cleaning data while saving trees and giving your printer a rest

Beetons Clean is the only housekeeping management solution on the PointClickCare marketplace, ensuring your cleaning staff always have updated resident information

Valuable cleaning details are easily accessed from your computer, replacing reams of paper reports in filing cabinets

Real-Time Information and Exceptional Reporting

With cloud-based data and live updates, you can stay informed about your staff's activities — even if they're on a different floor, in another building, or at a different location. Access cleaning reports for any room, resident, or floor in less than five seconds.

Real-time task tracking simplifies oversight, with optional alerts for missed cleaning tasks

Retrieve all cleaning records for the past week, month, or year for meetings with residents’ families

Produce cleaning records during inspections, eliminating uncertainty and instilling confidence in your operations

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Not only does the program make it easier for housekeeping staff to complete tasks appropriately, it ensures that the building is cleaned in a manner that diminishes infection control issues.

Pat King

RN, BHS, MBA, Acting Clinical Care Coordinator, Kiwanis Village Nanaimo

Customer Success Stories

Discover how our valued partners have achieved outstanding results with Beetons Clean in our customer success studies.

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Transforming Housekeeping Efficiency at Kiwanis Village Lodge.
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Enhancing Housekeeping Efficiency at Hawthorne Seniors Care Community.
One Platform

Centralize and Simplify Housekeeping in One Platform

Simplify housekeeping tasks with our all-in-one housekeeping management platform. Manage schedules, track progress, and access detailed reports in one convenient place. Streamline your operations with ease and efficiency.

Time-Stamped Data
Improve accountability and confidence in completed cleaning tasks, and simplify contact tracing during an infectious outbreak.
Cloud-Based Data
Provides data integrity and security while saving time by automating data entry and reducing paperwork. Access your housekeeping data securely from anywhere to simplify oversight.
Detailed Data
Detailed checklists, housekeeper comments, and room photos surpass the expectations of inspectors and provide peace of mind to residents’ families. Detailed data helps you allocate staff time efficiently.
PointClickCare Integration
Seamlessly integrate with PCC to automate resident ADT information for, saving you time and eliminating errors.
Built-in Audit Tool
Ensure quality of life for residents, enable data-driven decision making, provide feedback to housekeeping staff, and stay in compliance with our integrated audit tool.
Built-in Reports
Cleaning, briefing, and audit reports help ensure a clean and hygienic environment by providing valuable insights for continuous improvement, and fostering accountability and transparency.
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Our Story

Our humble beginnings

Our Beetons Clean solution draws inspiration from the esteemed Isabella Beeton, the trailblazing writer of Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management. Published in 1861, this influential and beautifully illustrated guidebook was crafted to aid the domestic manager in skillfully overseeing every aspect of the household's operations.

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