Customer Success Story

Transforming Housekeeping Efficiency at Kiwanis Village Lodge

Home Size
78  Residents
Home Type
Complex, respite, and palliative care
Nanaimo, B.C.


Kiwanis Village Nanaimo took part in a pilot project to test our cutting-edge housekeeping management solution. Their willingness to try a fresh approach to recording and storing data related to housekeeping tasks proved to be a game-changer.

The Challenge

Kiwanis Village faced unique challenges as the frontline staff operated from The Lodge, a separate building from the Manager of Support Services, who worked in a separate building. This setup made managing housekeeping records and coordinating tasks time-consuming and cumbersome. Additionally, the manager could only stay updated on cleaning progress through frequent physical vists to The Lodge.

Not only does the program make it easier for housekeeping staff to complete tasks appropriately, it ensures that the building is cleaned in a manner that diminishes Infection Control issues.
Pat King - RN, BHS, MBA, Acting Clinical Care Coordinator Kiwanis Village Nanaimo

The Solution

Our advanced housekeeping management software, Beetons Clean, provided Kiwanis with an efficient solution to capture highly detailed cleaning information in real time and securely store it in the cloud.

The results were transformative for Kiwanis Village. The Manager of Support Services now enjoys a streamlined approach to handle housekeeping processes. They can effortlessly monitor cleaning progress from their main building.

The software also empowers the manager to update room cleaning protocols in real-time, prioritizing the safety of residents and staff by reflecting changing resident health conditions. Complex cleaning schedules can now be created to meet the specific needs of individual residents, ensuring a tailored and thorough approach to cleaning.

The shift to the cloud database eliminated the need for paperwork, distributing and searching for cleaning checklists, and filing them away. This has saved several hours each month, freeing up time for more critical tasks.

The Acting Clinical Care Coordinator and Accreditation Consultant also attests to the software's benefits, noting its ability to simplify housekeeping tasks for staff and improve resident safety by reducing infection control issues. Furthermore, the software has significantly reduced the workload during the accreditation process by electronically storing all cleaning protocols.

The Results

Overall, the implementation of our software has led to enhanced resident safety, remote monitoring capabilities, and the elimination of time-consuming paperwork for Kiwanis Village Nanaimo. This has resulted in increased efficiency and effectiveness for their long-term care home, improving well-being for residents and staff alike.

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