Customer Success Story

Enhancing Housekeeping Efficiency at Hawthorne Seniors Care Community

Home Size
131 Residents
Home Type
Complex, memory, and palliative care
Port Coquitlam, B.C.


Hawthorne Seniors Care Community stepped up to the challenge and became a key participant in a pilot project with Beetons Clean. They embraced our cutting-edge approach to recording and managing housekeeping tasks, departing from the traditional pen and paper method.

The Challenge

Before implementing Beetons Clean, Hawthorne relied on the old-fashioned pen and paper for housekeeping management, lacking an alternative to the inefficiencies in that system.

The Solution

We introduced them to our state-of-the-art housekeeping management solution that revolutionized their operations. For the first time, our software enabled the seamless capture of highly detailed cleaning information in real-time, securely stored in a cloud database.

Thanks to Beetons Clean, the Director of Hospitality Services at Hawthorne now enjoys unprecedented efficiency in managing housekeeping processes. Workloads and staff interruptions are easily tracked, and the software even monitors the time spent on non-cleaning tasks by housekeeping staff. The days of drowning in paperwork are over, as our software eliminates the need for distributing and searching through cleaning checklists, saving hours every month for more critical tasks.

The software provides reassurance for my team and families. I can track workload and interruptions to streamline our process. A final bonus is elimination of paper documentation for audits and cleaned rooms; all our data is in one place and easily accessible.
Joanne Jasienczyk - Director of Hospitality ServicesHawthorne Seniors Care Community

Gone are the days of time-consuming searches through filing cabinets. The previous cleaning sheets offered little value, lacking detailed information and user-friendliness. Now, retrieving relevant data takes only four seconds, providing comprehensive cleaning details right at their desktop.Moreover, our cloud database has revolutionized communication with residents' family members. Now, they can see precisely what services their loved ones are receiving at Hawthorne. Time-stamped photos of cleaned rooms are shared to reassure families that their parents are receiving the utmost care.With these remarkable advancements, the Director's office is no longer cluttered with outdated paper sheets and generic data. Instead, it has transformed into a sleek and organized space, symbolizing Hawthorne's successful transition to a streamlined and efficient housekeeping system.

The Results

Hawthorne Seniors Care Community's partnership with Beetons Clean has brought remarkable improvements to their daily operations, enhancing resident care and setting new standards in the long-term care industry.

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