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Over 100,000 Rooms Cleaned and Growing

Helping Ensure Health and Safety Compliance for Long-Term Care

Support residents’ quality of life, empower staff, and help ensure compliance. Achieve the highest housekeeping standards with Beetons Clean.

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Focus on resident care, not paperwork

Prioritize Resident Care and Wellbeing

Eliminate your housekeeping paperwork and focus on staff support, training, and audits to ensure exceptional resident care.

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Time-Stamped Data
Use the time you regain to concentrate on providing resident care through the supervision and support of frontline staff.
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Improve resident satisfaction
A well-managed housekeeping team can maintain a higher standard of cleanliness and responsiveness.
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Boost staff morale
Recognizing exemplary cleaning efforts leads to higher staff motivation, employee recognition opportunities, and improved productivity overall.
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Professional development opportunities
With reduced administrative burden, housekeeping managers can pursue professional growth and stay updated on industry best practices.

Customer Success Stories

Discover how our valued partners have achieved outstanding results with Beetons Clean in our customer success studies.

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Transforming Housekeeping Efficiency at Kiwanis Village Lodge.
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Enhancing Housekeeping Efficiency at Hawthorne Seniors Care Community.

Streamline your housekeeping, all in one place

Build a more efficient, more productive team

Automate scheduling and assignments using a simple import from your HR software. The room cleaning schedules are instantly assigned to staff and show up when they log in.

Integration with PointClickCare automatically updates resident ADT information.

Beetons Clean organizes all housekeeping procedures in one place, helping staff stay informed.

Our built-in audit tool automatically records direct observation and marking audits, identifying areas for improvement.

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You‘re in control with customizable cleaning checklists

Begin with health authority-approved cleaning checklists, then effortlessly customize them to suit your home.

Easily adjust the cleaning schedule for changing circumstances and resident-specific needs.

Keep your checklists up to date with the latest regulations and requirements.

Real-time data for clear line of sight

Provides a transparent and accountable approach to cleaning

Real-time data ensures a clean environment, supporting the well-being of residents and staff

Deploy cleaning staff more effectively, ensuring that high-priority areas promptly receive more attention

Identify potential infection hotspots, enabling staff to take immediate action, implement isolation protocols, and increase cleaning measures to prevent outbreaks or limit their spread.

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Online coaching for your staff

Your staff will get continuous training with icon-based checklists designed to boost safety and accountability, guaranteeing consistent and standardized cleaning procedures.

Newly hired staff can work independently sooner, freeing up senior staff from supervision and job shadowing

Cleaning checklists cover everything from routine daily protocols to complex and uncommon procedures that can have serious consequences if not followed properly — doubling as a training resource for more senior staff

How it Works

Effortless Setup and Implementation

No need to worry about installation, and you won’t need an IT department to handle it for you. Beetons Clean runs smoothly on any device you have, whether it's a PC, Mac, Android, or iOS. It even works efficiently on low-powered hardware, like simple tablets. All you need is a device and an internet connection to get started. Our user-friendly software is intuitive and easy to use, requiring minimal training.

The software provides reassurance for my team and families. I can track workload and interruptions to streamline our process. A final bonus is elimination of paper documentation for audits and cleaned rooms; all our data is in one place and easily accessible.

Joanne Jasienczyk

Director of Hospitality Services, Hawthorne Seniors Care Community


Is Beetons Clean software easy to implement, or will it require extensive training for my staff?

You'll be pleased to know that we’ve designed Beetons Clean software with user-friendliness top of mind. It has a simple design that your employees can start using right away and without long training sessions.

I don’t have an IT department, what do I need to get up and running?

You don't have to worry about having an IT department. Our program can be used on any type of computer system. All you need is a PC, an internet connection, and an email address.  Your frontline staff can run it with the most basic tablets on the same WIFI connection that your home uses.

I'm worried that my current cleaning procedures might not match those on the software. Can I customize the checklists to match our unique needs?

Absolutely! Beetons Clean allows full customization of cleaning checklists. You can easily tailor them to standardize the cleaning procedures for your organization.

Compliance is a top priority for us. Do you have a way to perform and record room audits?

Beetons Clean has you covered! The software offers real-time data and live reporting at your fingertips when inspectors request proof of cleaning.  Our built-in audit tool simplifies direct observation and marking audits, and is based on your cleaning checklist – reports are automatically saved so you don’t have to file them.

We need to justify investing in new software. Can Beetons Clean really save us time and money?

Yes, indeed! Beetons Clean is designed to save you time and money. By automating reporting tasks and improving resource allocation, it saves valuable time for your staff and reduces operational costs, making it a cost-effective choice for your home. Our clients have found they get back around 10 hours every month that they would have spent doing paperwork.  We can give you a worksheet that helps you figure out how much time and resources you currently use for managing housekeeping. This way, you can see how much Beetons Clean could benefit you.

Transform your housekeeping operations today!

Streamline tasks, ensure compliance, and elevate excellence with Beetons Clean.